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The Risks to Shaving My Dog’s Coat

As the summer rolls around, you might be tempted to shave your dog’s coat. After all, the coat is there to keep them warm. Do they really need it in the summer? Most humans shave their heads in the summer, so is there anything wrong about shaving a dog? The reality is that shaving your dog carries a number of risks. Let us help you with your decision.

When NOT to Shave your Dog


To Prevent Them From Shedding

One of the common reasons people shave their dogs is that they believe it will stop the dog from shedding. This isn’t the case at all. Even a shaved dog sheds small hairs. Dogs are naturally always shedding; either you brush it out or it falls on to your clothes; either way it gets shed.

To Keep Them Cool

Another reason people consider shaving their dogs is, as said before, to keep them cool. Dogs will still get warm even if you trim their fur rather than just shaving it, and shaving is dangerous as it is. It’s important to understand that your dog has their own way to keep cool. They don’t sweat like people do. They let off heat by panting and some heat is released through their paws. Additionally, their fur actually prevents overheating to a degree by serving as insulation against the sun. Also, often times a dog will know enough to retreat to the shade to cool so you can trust your dog to keep itself cool.

When Grooming Them

Trimming your dog’s fur can be a natural part of grooming, but you shouldn’t go so far as to shave them. Even getting your dog trimmed too often can be bad for their coat. There’s nothing wrong with the occasional trim, but be careful to avoid overdoing it. Regular visits to the groomer will prevent the need to shave for grooming purposes due to matting.

Risks of Shaving Your Dog


It Exposes Their Skin

One of the reasons dogs have short fur is to protect them from the harmful rays of the sun. The reality is that your dog’s fur is already at the right length to keep them cool. Cutting their hair short to keep them cool is a real problem for short haired dogs.

Their Hair Can Grow Back Irregularly

If your dog’s hair gets cut short or shaved, it can sometimes grow in kinda weird. It could be a different color or a different thickness than before. It can also take longer for the fur to grow back than you think. Keep this in mind before having your dog trimmed.

It Can Be Embarrassing

As strange as it sounds, a haircut can be as embarrassing for a dog as it can be for a human. It could be a psychologically unkind thing to do to your dog. Particularly with a long-haired, double-coated dogs. Sometimes dogs appear to be embarrassed about their new haircut, and it can change the way that other dogs – and humans – interact with them. They will eventually get used to the cut of course, but it seems unfair to do that to them.


There are better ways to help your dog than to give them a haircut. Make sure that you have water on you for them to drink, and get them groomed properly without having their hair trimmed. There’s a lot of things you can – and should – do for your dog; but cutting their hair isn’t one of them.


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