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Professional Pet Sitter vs. Family/Friends

The most frequent issue we run into when talking about our business is people saying things like “What’s the point? I can just have my neighbor come over for free.”
While that’s true, and I’m not one to argue with “free” as a great price, there’s a lot more to coming over and working with your pets that “free” just doesn’t cut it for.

Here is an honest look at the difference between hiring a professional pet sitter and asking friends, neighbors, or relatives to take care of your pets for you.


The Pros

Professional Pet Sitters:

  • Have more experience and training so they more prepared to handle emergencies
  • Carry insurance and bonding to protected themselves and you in the event something unexpected happens
  • Follow the law, and have contracts to back up what you and they agree to
  • Make pet sitting their full time job which means it’s highly unlikely that they’re going to forget to come and take care of your pets for you
  • Have policies and procedures in place for nearly anything and everything that can come up
  • Are a great resource to ask for advice regarding the care of your pets including for toys, food, training advice and veterinarian recommendations

Neighbors, Family, or Friends:

  • Are often people you already know and trust
  • Tend to be less expensive (or free)
  • Potentially close by and can respond quickly in case of an emergency


The Cons

Professional Pet Sitters:

  • Typically are more expensive
  • Must gain you and your pet’s trust, since they start off as a “stranger”
  • Must go through an adjustment period with your pets of getting to know each other, especially when you’re not there

Neighbors, Family or Friends:

  • Are more likely to forget to take care of your pet because it’s not in their daily routine to do so
  • Are more likely to rush through visiting your pets to get back to their daily lives.
    • The emphasis is more on making sure your pets get food, water and go potty rather than spending quality time with them
  • Have less experience with animals, so they are less likely to notice health concerns or be able to handle emergencies
  • May become irritated or feel burdened by constantly being asked to take care of your pets


Like anything else in life, you get what you pay for.

Choose a professional pet sitter for peace of mind. Call us today to set up a Meet and Greet. Next Level Pet Care 508.556.0656


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