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If Pets Could Talk….

Have you ever wondered what your fur-kid would say if it could talk? We’ve come up with a few things we think they would tell us:

  1. Dog: Was that a door? A DOOR?. Did you hear a door shut? I heard a door shut; I know I did. I better go check the front door. And the back door. And the windows. And bark. And bark…and BARRRRRKKKK some more.
  2. Cat: Hey Hooman. Yes, I’m independent but if you leave me for a week by myself with a bunch of cat food and two litter boxes, I’m GOING to poop in your bed. Or in your shoe. And knock everything off the counters and shelves. And climb the curtains. And destroy your favorite chair-arm. Just sayin’.
  3. Dog & Cat: Thank you for the nice comfy expensive bed, but I miss you and I’d rather sleep here (on your head, in your space). I’ll chew up the bed later. Thanks ma!
  4. Dog: Ooh is that what I think it is? It is! It’s cat poop! I’m just gonna go sniff it. Or taste it. Just a lick? Please?
  5. Cat: All I’m saying is if you’re going to put the fish tank out here right in the open to tempt me, and leave the lid off with your back turned for a few minutes, don’t act all surprised when you hear a splash and turn around to see me eating the sushi or drowning in your fish tank!
  6. Dog: SQUIRREL!
  7. Dog & Cat: Dog: You’re my best friend and I’ll always be loyal to you <Cat – “Meh. Whatever”>

We’re really good at cat and dog-speak. Let Next Level Pet Care meet your pet sitting and dog walking needs. Our trained paw-fessionals know exactly what to do to keep your fur-kid’s safe, happy, and UNDERSTOOD all year round. Call us today! 508.556.0656