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Why I Don’t Use Retractable Leashes

For many pet owners, taking your dog for a walk is part of your daily routine. However, finding the perfect leash to fit your dog’s weight, height, and walking pace can be a challenge.

Because of this, many pet owners turn to flexi-leads (retractable leashes).

Because retractable leashes can offer a little more ease for the operator and freedom for the pet, they may seem like the ideal choice, but flexi-leads can be quite dangerous to both pets and pet owners!


Knowing the dangers that accompany flexi-leads will help save you and your pet from some very painful, and even life-threatening, situations.

While on a flexi-lead, your pet could face serious threats such as:

  • Entanglement that could cause nose, leg, or paw injuries

  • Strangulation

  • Getting lost if the hook or leash break, or if the handle is dropped

  • Whiplash from the jerk of a sudden stop when the end of the leash is reached too fast

  • Major injuries or even death due to extended leash lengths that allow your pet to dart out in front of cars or bicyclists

Flexi-lead style leashes aren’t just dangerous for your pet. This type of leash can also cause serious injury to you, too.

Injuries to you can include:

  • Leash burns from getting caught up in the leash as your pet darts unexpectedly in a different direction

  • Broken teeth, due to the collar or metal clasp breaking and swinging back into your face

  • Cuts and lacerations on your hands, arms, or legs from the leash digging into skin due to an entanglement and rope burns

  • Eye injuries, if the leash or hook breaks and bounces back

  • Serious accidents with other pedestrians or bicyclists if your pet’s leash doesn’t retract and he or she gets tangled up around someone else

With standard leashes, it is easy to loop the leash around your wrist as you walk your dog, leaving less room for your pet’s leash to slip out of your hand. Flexi-leads only offer handles, which can easily be dropped if your pet suddenly decides to take off. When this happens, your pet can get into serious auto or pedestrian accidents, tangles with other pets or people, or run off altogether.

Flexi-leads may seem convenient for walking your pet, but the risks involved with their use are considerable. If you’re unsure which type of leash is best for you pet, ask us at your next appointment or give us a call. Once you’ve found the right leash for your dog, you’ll be amazed by the difference and wonder why you ever considered using a retractable leash in the first place.

Thanks and smiles from Next Level Pet Care!