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How Should I Groom My Dog’s Coat for Winter?

Winter is easily the toughest time of the year to keep your dog’s coat shiny and healthy. Wind, snow, and freezing temperatures can be unkind to your dog’s fluffy fur coat. Today we’re going to talk about a few easy grooming techniques that you can use to help your dog’s coat make it through the Winter months unscathed.


Try To Brush Your Dog’s Coat Regularly

I know your dog loves his or her walks – but trekking through the snow and wind can cause your dog’s fur to become wet, matted, or full of debris. This is why it’s important to try to brush your dog’s coat weekly, if not daily. Experts recommend that 100 brush strokes should do the trick to keep your dog’s coat from shedding or matting.


Keep an Eye On Your Dog’s Paws and Nails

Ice and salt are prime suspects for paw discomfort in dogs. This is why it’s important to wipe the salt off your dog’s paws after a walk. You can also run your dog’s paws under warm water. Also, try to clip any long hairs on the bottom of your dog’s paws, as hair can cause snow and other debris to become lodged. Try to keep your dog’s nails trimmed as well, as long nails can cause your dog to slip and fall on the ice – which can be dangerous.


Use a Dog Sweater Sparingly

Dog sweaters can definitely be helpful in that they keep dogs warm when their fur isn’t enough. However, the prolonged and repeated usage of dog sweaters can attribute to their fur matting which is NOT good. When your dog’s fur becomes super matted, sometimes the only way to fix it, is to shave it off – which would be a terrible fate during the Winter time.

This is why experts stress that your dog’s coat must be brushed every time you take a pet sweater off. This will not only reduce and eliminate matting but will help your pet stay warm.


Keep Your Dog’s Coat Clean with Baths and Dry Shampoo

Giving your dog baths in the Winter is a great way to make sure their coat stays shiny and clean. However, it’s vital that you make sure their coat is completely dry before taking them outside. Going outside with wet fur can cause your dog to become chilled or even freeze.

Pet stores and dog groomers also have dry shampoo products that you can use on your dog without them having to get wet. This is an excellent way to have your pooch feeling fresh and clean without having to get in the water!


A Well-Groomed Coat Leads to a Safe and Healthy Dog

Winter is one of the most dangerous times of the year for dogs, because the weather is sporadic. A dog with a matted or un-groomed coat is very susceptible to freezing or chilling. By keeping your dog well-groomed by paying particular attention to their coat, nails, and nose, you’ll ensure that they’ll be safe in the cold weather.

If you want more grooming tips or are unsure about exactly HOW to groom your pet, make sure you talk to the expert – your veterinarian! They’ll be able to give you the rundown on what exactly you should do to ensure your dog stays healthy and safe during the Winter.