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Spring-Time Grooming Tips for Your Dog

New blooms, new pollen, and shedding of old coats; That’s what Spring is for many pet owners.  Spring brings in a great opportunity for dog owners to really pamper and maintain their dog’s amazing fur coats.  It will be a much-needed relief for them to receive some help from their owners, getting that excess fur off them, while preparing them for nature’s most obnoxious and potentially harmful foreign elements.


Brush Them Well

Regardless of if your dog has long hair or short, you should help them alleviate all that leftover winter shedding by brushing them every week, at least.  Remember to use a brush that is made for the length of your dog’s hair and to avoid brushing them too harshly.  When their fur is shedding, it becomes easier to get matted and tangled, so be careful.


Regular Baths

Ideally, you should give your dog a bath once a month if it is an indoor dog and once every week if it is an outdoor dog.  Start by purchasing a quality shampoo and conditioner, especially for long, thick coats.  Their skin can become very irritated if you’re using a cheap shampoo that dries them out.  This means no human shampoo unless it is completely organic and made for dry skin.  

While you’re giving them a bath, take this opportunity to run your fingers through their hair and over their skin.  This will not only feel great and help calm your dog, it can help you detect any sensitive spots, ticks, spurs, or hidden mats before you brush them later.

When their bath is done, make sure to towel them down thoroughly.  I would use two towels, one for preliminary drying, the other one to wrap them up for a little bit.  Some dogs won’t really cooperate with this, so you could try using a blow dryer on low or cool instead.


Spring Check Up at the Vet

If you’re bad at the whole grooming process with your dog, it’s okay, you can simply take them to your local groomers on the way to get their yearly check-up at the vet.  This is a great opportunity to update their shots, check for early signs of disease, and the health of their teeth.  While you have your dog at the groomers, try to be by your dog’s side to make them more comfortable with the whole process and to get some pointers about how to groom your dog at home.

As your dog sheds his winter coat, always remember to keep up with regular brushing and baths as well as an annual visit to the vet.  Doing so will ensure your dog is well on his way to enjoy Spring break and beyond!  Easy, breezy, beautiful, and healthy.  Now that’s a winning combination.