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Good Reasons to Take Your Dog for a Walk

Do you walk your dog? How often? Every day? Sporadically? No matter which category you may fit into, you should keep walking your dog – and often.  Why? Walking your dog will not only put some more pep in your step, it will also provide many other benefits for you and your dog.  Walking your dog every day will keep him in good health, reduce unwanted behaviors, and build his overall confidence!

Walking your dog will keep him in good health over the years. Just like in humans, exercise for dogs will build strong, sturdy muscles and bones. Weak bones will leave your dog susceptible to breaking bones should he fall down or if in an accident.  Weak muscles will only serve to keep your dog sedentary.  Strong muscles aid in mobility as well as keep your dog agile.

Additionally, exercise will keep unwanted weight off your dog.  We can all relate to that last sentiment. An extra few pounds may not seem like that big of a deal, but in the long-run, that weight can leave your dog more prone to illnesses such as liver disease and cardiovascular disease.

Walking your dog is also a surefire way to reduce unwanted behaviors. Does your dog chew on your shoes or jump on company when they come over?  It’s a common problem, but it makes perfect sense. Consider this – dogs are natural hunters! They love to explore, scavenge around and act on those inherited behaviors.  It’s really a mental thing! Well, walking your dog will most certainly quench that hunting urge.  Also, a walk will release pent-up energy which will result in a better behaved dog!  Got it? Good!

Walking your dog will help him be confident in the world in which he lives.  He will be better adapted and social!  Socialization is often overlooked, and that is definitely detrimental to your dog’s health and overall well-being.  On a daily walk, your dog can sniff, explore, and interact with other dogs and people! He’ll be exposed to a plethora of sights, sounds, smells, and other stimuli that he doesn’t get exposed to at home. This will keep him confident, less aggressive, and will significantly reduce the likelihood of him developing separation anxiety. Nobody likes cabin fever, not even your dog.

So as you can see, walking your dog is more than just getting a bit of fresh air.  It has physical, mental, and social benefits. Not to mention that it will help to strengthen his bond with you! For that reason alone, you should be running for the leash right now! 

Are you a believer yet?  Go on, get going!  Do you work long hours and need someone to step in your walking shoes when you’re out? Call us – we can help.