Did you know that June 23rd is “National Take Your Dog To Work” day? If you plan on taking your pooch into the office for the day, here are some tips to make your day extra pup-tacular:

Tips for National Take Your Dog to Work Day

  1. Make sure your dog is healthy and not sick, especially if other dogs are going to be around.
  2. Make sure your pup is properly socialized. Biting your boss’s butt may not bode well for your career.
  3. Get permission. Make sure your boss, the facility manager, and your coworkers are okay with you bringing in your fur-kid.
  4. Pack a doggy briefcase with food, water dishes, toys, treats, blankies, poop bags… you get the picture.
  5. Dog proof your work area by protecting cords, picking up trash, and removing that really important thumb-drive with tomorrow’s report on it.
  6. Make sure your fur-kid has good manners. Taking a huge poop in the conference room or “watering” your cubicle neighbor’s favorite plant may be frowned upon.
  7. Don’t let your pooch wander around off-leash.
    • Let co-workers who enjoy pooches come to meet yours.
    • Don’t force your dog on anyone.
    • Remember, some people in this world don’t like or are allergic to dogs (*GASP*, we know).

The biggest rule? Have fun with your pooch at work!

We’re always here for you if you decide not to bring your fur baby into work as well. For pet sitting, dog walking, and more, contact Next Level Pet Care today!

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