It can be quite challenging to keep your dog constantly entertained. Coming up with fun things that you and your dog can do together can be quite a time-consuming task. It can almost be even more exhausting than actually doing those things, especially if you don’t have any help. But making sure your dog stays active is an essential part of being a pet parent. So, is your dog being lazy? We’re here to help you keep them active this summer.  


The Importance of Keeping Your Dog Active

We get it – we all have a lazy bone or two in our bodies, so if our dogs are being lazy in the heat of summer, what’s the big deal? As the weather gets hotter, dogs become more inclined to find a cool place to rest and not do anything, and while this is okay occasionally, too much of it is bad news. Staying active has tons of benefits for your dog, like helping alleviate boredom, improving behavior, and strengthening overall health.

If your dog is bored, with nothing to do, the likelihood of them getting into trouble is higher than if you have activities lined up for them. Humans are the major source of companionship and entertainment for dogs, so if you fail to keep up your end of the bargain, you might have some unpleasant things to deal with. For instance, your dog will only explore the tastes of your curtains or shoes when they’re bored and need to do something, and you’re not there.

Plus, staying active is essential to healthy bones and muscles, weight management, and all-around health. So what activities can plan if your dog is being lazy this summer? 


Is Your Dog Being Lazy? These Summer Activities Can Help

When selecting any activity for your dog during the summer, you should favor activities that will provide some relief from the hot summer days and will also keep them active and healthy. Here are some of our favorites: 


Go Swimming

Swimming will serve the dual purpose of helping your dog stay fit and also helping them cool off. Usually, dogs love swimming, and with some research, you can probably find dog-friendly pools and beaches near you. So go ahead, search your area to find the best fit for you and your dog, and take some toys along to make the experience more fun.


Play Fetch

Playing fetch is a great way to bond with your dog, and it will also help keep them from being lazy while ensuring they stay in tip-top shape. Whenever you are playing fetch during the summer, make sure to have a lot of water on hand to keep your dog cool. Also, take note of when your dog appears to be getting too hot and take a snuggle break. 


Get a Kiddie Pool

If there are no ponds, pools, or beaches near you, you can get a kiddie pool for your dog and place it in your yard or on your porch! This is usually more convenient than having to go to a beach or a pool. Your local Walmart or Target usually has super cheap deals on kiddie pools this time of the year.


Play Shaping Games

Shaping games are good mental exercises for your dog and will help relieve stress and boredom. Shaping games also make for good bonding sessions that further help improve your dog’s behavior. Ask us or your local pet store professionals for some examples.


Above all, always pay attention to your dog whenever you’re thinking of activities to engage in. When your hands are full, let Next Level Pet Care make sure your pet is active and happy, even when you’re at your busiest!

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