August 8th (tomorrow!) is International Cat Day, so in honor of our feline friends, we ask you to please take pity on your kitties when it comes to leaving them alone for long periods. As pet sitters, we insist on seeing your kitty every single day for several reasons (and twice a day for kittens). Here’s why it’s best to keep the time you leave your cat alone to a minimum: 

Reasons Not to Leave Your Cat Alone

Water and Food

Cats like fresh and clean water. A water bowl full of tepid water that’s developing a layer of slime isn’t enticing, right? Even worse, it’s not uncommon for cats to spill water, and if no one checks in on them, they’re stuck without any hydration.

Then there’s the food. Just like water, food becomes less appealing as it sits out and becomes stale. Then there’s the possibility that your cat eats all their food in one day. This will leave them either hungry later or suffering from stomach pains or digestion issues.

Getting Stuck or Sick

As a cat parent, you know cats and kittens are notorious for squeezing their way into tight spaces. But, what happens if they get stuck while you’re away? Not only will your stuck cat not have access to food or water, but they could also get injured. On top of getting stuck or injured, cats that are left unattended can also get sick.

Your cat can get seriously sick while you’re away, and if no one is around to help, things can get bad quickly. For example, a cat’s urethra can become blocked easily, which is a serious and extremely painful condition. Believe it or not, a blocked urethra can be FATAL within 24 hours if not attended to immediately.

Sanitary Problems

How would you feel if you had to use a toilet bowl that was already full of waste? You’re probably not too keen on the idea, and neither is your cat. But, if there’s no one to clean the kitty litter while you’re away, that’s exactly what your cat has to deal with.

The Best Care for Your Cat

Cats may be independent by nature, but that doesn’t mean they don’t miss you when you’re away. Cats aren’t aloof as most people assume; they’re social creatures that require daily attention. 

If you need to be away for a few days, give us a call to discuss how we can make your trip stress free for you and your cat! We do cat (and other pet) sitting, and we’ll give your cat or kitten loving care while you’re away, so they stay safe and happy. A daily visitor will keep your cat’s life consistent and unchanged by making sure they have fresh food, fresh water, and clean living quarters.

On top of keeping your cat safe and comfortable, a little social interaction will go a long way in letting your cat or kitten know that you’ll be back soon. Plus, and you’ll enjoy the peace of mind of knowing all is well at home.

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