In certain ways, dogs are just like us. They need love, attention, and care. So this Valentine’s Day, why not pick out something special for your special someone – a.k.a your loving pooch! The only question now is … what to get them? It is a holiday after all, so no ordinary gift will do. That’s why I created this list of a few fun Valentine’s Day dog gifts that you and your dog will L-O-V-E.


#1: A Valentine’s Day Dog Treat Gift Basket

Yes, these actually do exist! I can tell you that food is a sure way to your pup’s heart. These gift baskets are filled with natural, organic dog treats that are sure to make your dog smile. I’ve seen these baskets in a couple of places; however, they seem to be most popular on Etsy.

I’ve even see seller’s make dog treat gift baskets for other holidays as well. Something to keep in mind! 😉


#2: A Valentine’s Day Themed Toy

There are tons of great toys you can purchase for your dog at places like PetSmart, Petco, or your local pet store. Your dog may love a heart-themed stuffed animal. What a great, fun way to celebrate the holiday of love.


#3: A Heart Decorated Collar

Make your dog feel special and loved with a heart-themed collar as their Valentine’s Day dog gift. Available in many colors at your local pet stores, your dog will feel pampered and special in their new accessory. A new collar can be scary at first for your dog, but with your love and comfort, they will adjust quickly!


#4: A Heart Decorated Leash

In conjunction with #3, think about how cute your pup would look with a decked-out, heart-covered leash and collar combo. I know, I’m smiling too! Our dogs are our babies, and we love them so much, so it only seems fitting that they should be covered in hearts.

Happy Valentine’s Day From Next Level Pet Care 

While all of these Valentine’s Day dog gifts are lots of fun and are certainly cute, the BEST way to celebrate Valentine’s Day is to spend time with your dog. Just being around them, petting them, and playing with them will mean so much more than any material item.

So, try to take just an hour out of your day to spend time with your fur baby. They will love and appreciate you for it!

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