Everyone in the U.S., except for Arizona and Hawaii, sets clocks forward one hour at 2 a.m. on the second Sunday of each March and back one hour in the Fall. For most people, this time change takes some getting used to. As a result, the coffee flows extra strong in the Spring as our bodies try to adjust. Well, guess what? Your response to time changes will directly impact your fur-kid too.

You’re probably noticing that your dog doesn’t care a bit about your discomfort or the time change. For example: if 6:00 a.m. is normally breakfast time, but the clock goes back an hour for Daylight Savings time… breakfast is now being demanded at 5:00 a.m. Ugh.

Helping Your Dog Adjust to Time Changes

The key to helping your fur-kids get through time changes is to have a routine and stick to it. Fur-kids are creatures of habit, more so than a slave to time. They generally love routines, and sticking to these routines will help things go smoothly for you and your dog.

Feed your dog, let your dog outside, and put them to bed at a regular time year-round, even if times have changed. You may get a weird stare as if to say, “I’m not ready for sleep yet!” Don’t give in to those cute, quizzical stares. Your doggie will forgive you, we promise.

Adjusting to a schedule means more and better sleep for both of you. And cuddling with your bestie fur-buddy for an hour longer under the covers is always a good thing.

Sticking to Doggie Routine with Next Level Pet Care

Do you need a little help sticking to your fur-buddy’s routine dog walks? If so, contact Next Level Pet Care, and let us take the best care of your fur baby when you’re schedule doesn’t allow for it.

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