Have you ever wondered what your pet would be like if they had more human abilities, like, let’s say, opposable thumbs? We’ve compiled a list of the top eight things pets would do if they indeed had opposable thumbs.

  1. Give You the Thumbs-Up – They would probably give you the thumbs-up for being such an awesome pet parent.
  2. Hitchhike to the Park – With thumbs, your pet could easily hitchhike his way to the park if you’re too busy to take them.
  3. Text the Neighbor’s Pet – You would probably have to upgrade your phone account because your fur-kid would want to text all his neighborhood pals.
  4. Commandeer the Remote – With thumbs, your fur-kid could watch Animal Planet all day long. If your pet ever gets thumbs, there will be a power struggle for control of the remote for sure.
  5. Eat More Snacks – There’s no doubt that with opposable thumbs, your pet would be opening up snack containers and treating themselves.
  6. Clean Up – Imagine a world where your pets cleaned up themselves after going to the bathroom. While this would take some training and convincing, it could be possible if pets had thumbs.
  7. Search the Web –  If pets had thumbs, they’d probably be searching the web for pet memes and adding some chew toys and catnip to your credit card bill.
  8. Spend More Time with Their Sitter – They would get online and book more dog-walks and pet-sits with Next Level Pet Care because we are the coolest cats around.

Life would probably be easier, funnier, and a little weirder if pets had opposable thumbs. But, At Next Level Pet Care, we can always help make number eight on the list come true. Contact us today – we’ve got your tail covered, and we can hide the remote while we’re there!

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