Your dog needs to go potty and get some exercise, but what if it’s raining like, well, cats and dogs. Should you take your furry friend out in the storm? Or let them run outside for a quick break and then beeline it back into the house until the weather clears? We have some tips for walking your dog in the rain. 


First Thing’s First: Listen To Your Dog (Through Body Language)

When determining how to handle walking your dog in the rain, it’s important to consider what your dog wants. While some dogs love the water and won’t mind getting wet to have some time outside, others would rather cuddle on the couch with you and wait for the sun to come out again.

If you’ve had your dog for more than a few months, you know whether they are a fan of water or not.

Does your pup run and hide at the mere sight of the hose? Does going anywhere near the tub cause shivers and shakes?

Or, do you have a dog that runs into every puddle they can find and jumps into the pool at any opportunity? Is yours one of those fearless dogs who will charge right into the ocean without a thought?

If your dog isn’t a fan of the water, it’s okay to sit out on rainy walks. But sometimes you can’t avoid taking your dog out in the rain, after all walking your dog is important and necessary. Or maybe you’re dog doesn’t mind the water. Either way, these tips for walking your dog in the rain will give both you and your pup the best experience.  


Follow These Top Tips for Walking Your Dog in the Rain


Consider Investing in a Doggie Raincoat

If you don’t want a soaking wet dog after this outing (ugh! wet dog fur!), then you might want to put a raincoat on your pooch. While some dogs will hate this idea, if you can get yours to wear it, it will help to keep them from getting soaked.

Not that getting wet is a bad thing for your dog, but if the temp outside is low, the risk of hypothermia is a real thing.


Protect Your Dog’s Paws With Rain Booties

There are indeed doggie rain boots available, but it’s a good bet that the average dog doesn’t care for them.

Pro Tip: Take your pooch in for a fitting before getting out in the rain to see if he will tolerate them.


Look Into Purchasing a Pet Blanket

If a raincoat isn’t for you (or your dog), you can try a pet blanket. Look for brands with velcro closures that will stay snug and fit your furry friend with the right size.


Try a Doggie Umbrella 

There are dog umbrellas that attach to your pup’s collar, but it might be tricky to keep it in place, and they might not tolerate it. But it’s worth a try as a last-ditch effort!


If All Else Fails, Resort to a Clean, Dry Towel

If these precautions don’t suit you or your pup, the next best thing is to have a towel waiting at home. Bring your dog into a controlled area, dry them off thoroughly, taking care not to forget feet, legs, and tail. If necessary, have a blow dryer handy to finish the job.

Your dog will love the warmth and attention, and this will keep your house and furniture free of wet dog smell. This is especially helpful for dogs with a heavy undercoat that holds water.


Walking Your Dog, Rain or Shine!

If you and your dog love to get out there, don’t let the rain stop you! Take the proper precautions, and you and your furry friend will both appreciate it! If you aren’t a fan of walking in the rain, Call Next Level Pet Care. We’re paw-fessionals at walking your pet any time.

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