Pet parents love their fur kids deeply, but do they love us back? Of course! Your pet says “I love you” all the time, just not in so many words. The truth is our pets love us immensely, they just don’t always show it in ways we expect. Here are the “I love you” messages you might be missing from your fur kids. 

Signs Your Pet Is Saying “I Love You”

Pets say “I love you” in many ways, like when they:

  1. Finish their dinner and belch in your face.
  2. Bring you gifts, like dead birds.
  3. Give you the silent treatment when you leave for work because they miss you.
  4. Act like you’ve been gone a year when you get home, even if it’s only been 5 minutes.
  5. Wink at you.
  6. “Hug” your legs.
  7. Take up your whole bed or try to lay directly on top of you.
  8. Won’t let you pee in private because they want to be with you… always.
  9. Taste-test your food if given a chance… just to make sure it’s not poisonous, right?
  10. Chew up your favorite shoes, but only because they smell just like you, and they miss you.

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