Does your dog love to chew up your flower garden? Does he like to dig? If your answer is yes – we get it. As pet sitters, we’ve just about seen it all. While some dogs can be destructive to plants and other valued things, there are steps you can take to curb this behavior, and it doesn’t have to be painful for either one of you. Here are some simple suggestions to help put a stop to your dog digging up your garden:

Is Your Dog Digging in the Garden? Here’s What You Can Do:


Make Sure That Your Dog Is Getting Enough Exercise

Making sure your dog gets enough time outside to play and exercise is an excellent start to limiting destructive behavior. Well exercised dogs are happier and more likely to behave, as some bad behaviors come strictly from boredom. Plenty of walks will go a long way in keeping your dog happy and healthy.

Are Those Flowers Just Too Irresistible?

If your dog has an insatiable desire to chew up your flower beds, even though you’ve provided ample outdoor/walk time, you may need to take other measures to preserve your blooms.

The simplest (and least costly method, because it’s free!) is to accompany your dog outside and steer them away from the flowers. This, of course, is if you have the time and desire to be with your dog every time they are in the yard.

If that’s unreasonable or unappealing, another simple fix is to create a barrier around the flowers that will deter them from getting too close. Try layering pine cones around the flower beds. The rough texture on your dog’s feet should do the trick to keep them away.

What if the Simple Fixes Aren’t Enough?

If these simple fixes don’t work on your dog, another step to consider is a fence. It can be low profile, depending on the size of your pooch, just enough so that they won’t attempt to jump over it.

You can have fun with it and use this fence to dress up your garden too. You can tie different colored stakes together with twine or choose a color that matches your house. Or you could get whimsical and use cartoon characters in plywood. The possibilities are endless!

Other Ideas to Keep Your Dog Happy and Out of Your Garden

The truth is, some dogs just love to dig! So what should you do if this is your dog? Try creating a “dig pit”; a designated area where it’s okay to dig.

A dig pit doesn’t have to be a large area, so if you have a small yard, it can still be done. Set up an area, preferably away from the house and garden (to avoid sending the wrong message). Then, introduce your furry pal to this area and encourage them to dig by placing a treat or toy just below the surface of the dirt, so they get the hint. You can reward with treats when they dig in the right spot!


We all want our dogs to be healthy, happy, and entertained. Hopefully, some of these suggestions will help your plants and your dog thrive!

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