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Dec 2017

Did you know that many of the plants that are popular around this time of the year can be extremely harmful to your pets?  Here is a rundown of some dangerous seasonal plants: American Holly – American Holly contains potentially toxic compounds that can cause gastrointestinal irritation.  Make sure to keep your holly on a bush outside and if you are using is for decoration inside keep it far from your cat or dogs reach. Amaryllis – Every single part of this plant is poisonous. If your pet eats the flower or......

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Sep 2017
Do I really Need to Get My Dog Vaccinated?

For a long time, veterinarians have been administering vaccines to dogs year after year or as prescribed by vaccine manufacturers. This was done to ensure that the dog has optimal immunity. There is, however, an increasing debate as to whether a majority of these vaccinations and booster shots are necessary. Some have been associated with effects that could be detrimental to dogs’ immune system as well as other body functions. Legally and ethically, veterinarians should observe the label recommendations when administering vaccines. Vaccine manufacturers are however under pressure to give evidence supporting......

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Jul 2017
The Risks to Shaving my Dog’s Coat

As the summer rolls around, you might be tempted to shave your dog’s coat. After all, the coat is there to keep them warm. Do they really need it in the summer? Most people shave their heads in the summer, so is there anything wrong about shaving a dog? The reality is that shaving your dog carries a number of risks.     When NOT to Shave your Dog   To Prevent Them From Shedding One of the common reasons people shave their dogs is that they believe it will stop the......

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Mar 2017

We’ve compiled a list of the top 5 things your pet would probably do if he did indeed have opposable thumbs. Spend More Time With Their Sitter – They would get online and book more dog walks and pet sits with Next Level Pet Care because we are the coolest cats ever.  Give You The Thumbs Up – They would probably give you the thumbs up for being such an awesome pet parent. Hitchhike To The Park – With thumbs, your pet could easily hitchhike his way to the park if you’re......

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