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Insured | Pet CPR/First Aid certified | Background Checked

Who We Are

Founded in 2014, Next Level Pet Care is your dependable and trustworthy partner for all your in-your-home pet care needs. We pride ourselves in enriching pets lives, one household at a time.

Our Mission

“Next Level Pet Care was founded with one single purpose in mind, and that is to never see any pet owner endure the stress and guilt of having to juggle their demanding and hectic life schedule while owning a pet.”

Our Passion

Ensure that all pets in our service area have the best chance at a life full of happiness, love, and good health.

To support this, for every pet adopted who uses us, a portion of all visits in their first 6 months after adoption gets donated back to the rescue the pet was adopted from, or a rescue or shelter of the owner’s choosing.

Our Benefits

Our Credentials

At Next Level Pet Care, we provide several benefits to make your experience more enjoyable.

  • Qualified & Caring Pet Sitters
  • Book Service 24/7 online or on the app
  • Experienced Professional Employees (not contractors)
  • Insured & Background Checked
  • Free In-Home Meet and Greet
  • Customer Satisfaction Surveys
  • Visit updates with report cards and photos

Our Credentials

Yenni Desroches

Yenni Desroches


A lifetime dog-lover who has come to love nearly every type of animal on the planet. Yenni has been working professionally with pets for over 7 years, previously owning a pet care business in Vermont. With her knack for making even the shyest and aloof pets like her, she does fantastic with rescues, even the more aggressive ones. Each new pet she meets immediately worms their way into her heart.

Yenni is Pet CPR/First Aid certified from Pet Tech, has a canine body language certificate from Catch Canine Academy, and takes continuing education courses such as Pet Nutrition through Holly and Hugo’s internationally accredited programs.

Yenni also runs Friends of Worcester Dog Parks, which you can check out at www.fowdp.org



Motivational Woofer

Yenni and her husband’s adopted pup from Sochi Dogs. She’s a 2-year-old German Shepherd/German Shorthaired Pointer mix who is about 65lbs. She’s very loving and friendly and occasionally might join her mother on visits to other puppies (with owner permission of course) to help them stay well socialized.

She loves napping on her mother’s lap, on a bed, on the floor, and just about anywhere, and is working on not getting freaked out by fast movement or sudden sound. She enjoys giving her mother the sniff-down when she comes in from visits. You also might see her romping around the Beaver Brook Dog Park, she loves it there!

Now Hiring

Now Hiring

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